Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's about time!

Well....It really is about time I started doing this again! I don't really know why I left it so long, I thoroughly enjoy writing on here! I think it's just the lazy in me, I am far to lazy, I don't know why I just kind
If I sit down on the couch and the tv channel is still on from when the kids were watching i go through a sort of situation assessment....First where is the remote...on the floor? Next I'll work out the distance from my furthest reach to its location, then some simple mathematics to work out the amount I will have to move to reach it. Finally I'll run some tests to determine the movement to comfort/temperature ratio. If the ratio is too heavy I'll just put up with 'Bob the Builder'
Is that bad? Probably, but it gets worse....much worse! I don't remember the last time I actually went toilet when I needed to, I'll simply leave it until the comfort to movement ratio is in the correct range! There are soooo many situations where I am just too damn lazy to do anything, maybe it's the pills? They are a great excuse anyway ;)

I've really been missing England lately, really, really have been! I miss a lot of things, but then I look at the larger picture and think of what I would miss about New Zealand if we packed up and headed "home" Firstly it's a lovely feeling to be able to walk down the street at any time of night, without needing to worry about being stabbed or mugged! The tiny population here means that my kids get much more attention than they would in the UK, Martial is now in morning kindy on Fridays, at his age there is no way that would happen out there! Then there's our house, it's huge, double garage massive garden etc. For the amount of money we pay for this we would be lucky to get a dinky 2 bedroom flat in an area that requires 5 dead blots on the door, to be secured immediately after sundown! If we where to sit down and make a pros vs cons list, New Zealand pros would need more than one sheet of A4, Englands pros would easily fit on a post-it note!
I do get a terrible feeling of homesickness, and there has been something bugging me for years now, never spoke about it till now, it may seem silly but to me it's huge....My father gave me a small badge with the St Georges cross, and shaped like a crest. On it read, Born in England, Live in England, Die in England. Unfortunately it was stolen along with a great deal of my things, when I trusted some 'friends' who turned out to be c**** Although Dad told me once that the world is my oyster, and I know he would be proud of me, I can't help but feel I'm letting him down by not living in England. It's silly I'm sure, but it's one of those things that as hard as I try, I cannot let go!

NEW ZEALAND ARE THROUGH TO THE WORLD CUP!!!!!!! I cannot believe it, it's the first time since 1987 they made the football (soccer) world cup! I must say I felt rather proud after watching them scrape a 1-0 win against Bahrain It has done some great things for football in this Country, NZ has the All Blacks for the second class sport of Rugby, but because they were as good at football, as Britain is at keeping the beer cold, they just pretended the sport didn't exist! But thanks to some real effort by coach Ricki Herbert, and the best team we could pull together, somehow we pulled it off! Some kiwi promoting genius managed to fill the stadium with 35134 people, which believe it or not is nearly 10% of the population of the capitol city! There is not a chance on Earth we will make it past the first round, but who cares, we made it!!! New Zealand is now ranked 77th in the world, just ahead of Uganda...and just behind Uzbekistan......what fantastic statistics! hehe

I re-designed my page, what do you think? It keeps in sync with what I consider the best form of website design, simple, crisp and clean!

So much has happened since I last posted, I'm not going to go into everything, but I promised myself that I am going to try and do weekly entries, fortnightly at least! So I'll start over from now!
Here's to more blogging